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​​Decontamination and Cleaning Services

Aqua One provides most effective solutions and services in the areas of decontamination, environmental cleaning, and specialized  services in the ares of janitorial and housekeeping.   We offer a wide range of services for property managers, Gyms, Hospitals, Day cares and Shipping Vessels and More.   Our partnership with Artemis Biosolutions allows us to offer superior products to protect against threats such as, mold, virus, bacteria, and other microbial contamination.

Aqua One can provide your facility with a professional cleaning service to ensure decontamination is clean effectively. We can offer services to Medical,Veterinary, Athletic Departments, Educational Facilities, Homes,Cruise Lines,Marine/Boating,Petroleum, Hospitality, Remediation,Office/Janitorial and Maritime Shipping Services.  


Need routine preventative maintenance? Aqua One can provide training to your maintenance staff training to allow them the ability to conduct preventative maintenance for your facilities.  It does not matter what type of facility you are trying to clean; medical, institutional, educational, industrial, corporate or public, Call Aqua One, or use the “contact us” link below for more information on this service.

Decontamination Services

  • Surface and air disinfecting using EPA Registered cleaners
  • Sanitizing Cleaning services for offices and dorms (living quarters)
  • Specialty  Cleaning services 

​Reports & Statistics you need to know to keep your facility safe:

  • The CDC estimates that the majority of Americans spends 90% of their time indoors with many of those hours in a workplace environment and reduced worker productivity; increased absenteeism, occupant/employee complaints and the increase for potential litigation are all direct results of unsatisfactory indoor environmental conditions.

  • According to Forbes, the cost to businesses from “lost productivity” from employee absenteeism due to illness is $227 billion and Forbes also maintains that the costs to replace ill workers are a staggering $117 billion.

  • The business Journal reports that the cost for sick employees is about to go up because legislatures are beginning to push for laws that legally require businesses to offer paid sick days or risk a fine.  And, a recent poll conducted by HRE Online indicates that 71% of Americans polled support this type of legislation.

  • More litigation is being reported about companies who are being sued for unsanitary conditions.  Trader Joes just settled a lawsuit brought by an employee alleging unsafe and unsanitary conditions according to law360.com and CNN reports that there is an uptick in lawsuits filed against cruise ships for unsanitary conditions from passengers who became ill.OSHA has even issued companies citations based on employee’s complaints that their work conditions are unsanitary and unsafe.

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