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Maritime Services


Aqua One LLC offers professional and quality cleaning of dry bulk ship holds. We understand the need for efficient and timely service therefore we can offer customized service for the vessel. Aqua One LLC can provide ship's owners with the necessary service and maintenance to ensure the ship's hold can carry the required cargo. 24/7 shifts are available to ensure you are back on the water as quickly as possible.  

Aqua One offers various types of cleaning depending on the needs of the vessel. We can offer dry cleaning with pneumatic tools as well as hydro-blasting. We have had 100% success in meeting surveyors/Inspectors requests and requirements. 

We provide crews that works hard and project managers that ensure the job is done to satisfaction.

Aqua One also provides chemical cleaning solutions so that a ship's crew can do light cleaning themselves.  We offer a cost effective solution for ship owners when a light clean is needed.  Aqua One - BCS-CLEAN-1 is just one of the products that can be used and is even effective on Nickel Stain.  

Contact Aqua One LLC for details.