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Product Description

Aqua One Defender HP Disinfectant Wipes are List N, EPA registered wipes designed for everyday disinfecting, sanitizing and deodorizing and cleaning. They provide 3-minute hospital-grade disinfection and are effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses. The Aqua One Defender HP Disinfectant Wipes kill SARS CoV-2 virus in 1 minute. They are ideal for reducing cross contamination between treated surfaces in the home, hospitals, institutions, and industry. They can be used for tough cleaning without the tough cleaning smell.

Features & Benefits

• N-list approved
• EPA Registered
• No PPE, including gloves, needed to use these wipes
• Hydrogen peroxide formula ideal for both light and heavy jobs
• One-step hospital use disinfectant
• Multi-surface, non-abrasive and bleach free
• 15-second non-food sanitizer
• Available in convenient 60 count soft packs and 175 count canisters

Product Brochure

Aqua One Defender HP Disinfectant Wipes brochure