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Industrial Services



  • Temporary Power
  • Temporary AC
  • Climitization Services
  • Turn Arounds
  • Traditional blasting and painting of internal tanks or vessels
  • Catalyst removal to prevent polythionic stress cracking
  • Motors while out of service
  • Turbines during an outage or shutdown
  • External structures within a full containment
  • Concrete sumps to remove moisture to apply coating
  • Temperature control for workers or to apply a coating
  • Lunch tents or temporary work areas



Refrigerant dehumidification units use refrigerant to cool coils below the dew point and as air passes over the coils, moisture condenses out of the air.  This type of dehumidifier can remove large amounts of water from the air in hot, humid climates and can be used to cool the inside of tanks, containments, and vessels to meet OSHA regulations.  Aqua One LLC, offers dehumidifiers with a fused disconnect and internal breakers to protect the equipment and power source from electrical surges and other instances that could potentially cause damage. 

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The Victory Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayers allows the user hours of spraying time without the hassle of dragging a cord. In addition, it is designed to save time and labor, spray less liquid, and cover more surfaces. Victory Sprayers’ patented technology provides an electrical charge to solutions, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with an effective, even coverage. Double-charged particles envelope all conductive surfaces – shadowed, vertical and underneath.


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