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Aqua One Hand Wipes

Product Description

Aqua One Hand Wipes are ideal for schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, autos, offices, health clubs and other areas where sanitizing is needed and alcohol is not desired.

Aqua One Hand Wipes were developed to immediately eliminate harmful microorganisms from skin. They are pre-moistened with a powerful non-alcohol sanitizing formula; a single wipe kills 99.99% of disease-causing microbes. The special formula prevents cross-contamination and moisturizes with Aloe and Vitamin E to leave hands feeling clean and fresh.

Features & Benefits

• FDA-Registered

• Alcohol Free

• Recommended for repeated use

• Special formula cleans and sanitizes

• Safe active ingredient (Benzalkonium Chloride)

• Kills 99.999% of harmful germs and bacteria on your hands

• Non-tacky formula moisturizes with Aloe and Vitamin E


Aqua One Hand Wipes brochure